Neon Future


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Why We're Going to Take Over the Comics Industry...

Impact Theory is a new kind of comic book company from some of the most accomplished and exciting producers, writers, and artists in comics. We believe that stories have the power to change people’s lives in the most profound way possible. So our mission is to pull people out of The Matrix through storytelling.

Said another way, through entertaining and powerful stories, we’re going to give people the empowering belief system they’ll need to see how, like Neo, we can all bend the world to our will.

Our goal is to tell stories that are wildly entertaining, but also empower at the same time. Our stories will inspire you to take action and push yourself to your limits.

No matter what Impact Theory story you read, at the end, win or lose, you will have changed as much as the character. That’s our mission: that you walk away with the conviction that anything is possible if you’re just willing to pay the price of change.

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