Neon Future

Neon Future was co-created with DJ Steve Aoki, Eisner winning writer Jim Krueger and Impact Theory CEO Tom Bilyeu.

Issue #1 Vol. 2 - Clay Campbell is fighting for his life while trapped in a digital nightmare, where the mysterious Hacker attempts to crack into his mind. If the Hacker succeeds, Clay knows all of his friends back in the real world will die.


"Thirty years from now the US is in the grips of an economic crisis. A cold war brews between the Augmented, who have integrated technology into their bodies, and the Authentic, who have not. This tension erupts into violence when the world’s most famous anti-tech crusader, Clay Campbell, dies under suspicious circumstances and is resurrected with illegal neural technology. Rejected by his family, hunted by the government, and unable to control his terrifying new powers, Clay must seek help from the man he hates most - Kita Sovee - the mysterious leader of the hi-tech resistance movement known as Neon Future."

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