Carbon Footprint

The crypto community was founded on an identity of innovation, and much of the community is focused on dramatically reducing and offsetting the carbon footprint of this incredible new technology.

We support Nifty Gateway’s pledge to become “carbon negative” and applaud the sustainable alternatives like Layer 2 solutions such as zero knowledge proofs and Immutable X, as well as the “Proof of Stake” model being employed by NBA Top Shot.

We believe strongly in the blockchain’s ability to return the bulk of any project’s value back to its creators, and are excited to be a sustained part of this community’s development. Our roadmap has been built out with carbon neutrality in mind. We are committed both to this groundbreaking technology and to ensuring its sustainability.

Our planet is precious and demands our protection. The decentralized technological movement's very nature is to cut out wasteful intermediaries and provide a secure network that enhances everyone’s digital experience. The technology is still in early stages, but the mission continues.