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We're giving away 1000 bundles containing the 1st issue of each of our comic books, Neon Future and Hexagon!

1 bundle per order!

All you need to do is cover the cost of shipping.   
We want to provide our beloved comic book community with rad entertainment during this quarantine. Especially if you have kids!! This bundle has something for everyone in the family to read!

The Impact Theory Comics Starter Pack includes a comic for kids and a comic for adults. 

 Created with world famous DJ, Steve Aoki, and written by Eisner Award winner Jim Krueger. This comic book is intended for a mature audience. "Thirty years from now the US is in the grips of an economic crisis. A cold war brews between the Augmented, who have integrated technology into their bodies, and the Authentic, who have not. This tension erupts into violence when the world’s most famous anti-tech crusader, Clay Campbell, dies under suspicious circumstances and is resurrected with illegal neural technology. Rejected by his family, hunted by the government, and unable to control his terrifying new powers, Clay must seek help from the man he hates most - Kita Sovee - the mysterious leader of the hi-tech resistance movement known as Neon Future.”

Created with award-winning musician, DJ Don Diablo, and written by Sci-Fi wizard Michael Moreci. Hexagon is perfect for the young ones, intended for young adults.  "It's the 1980s and all twelve-year-old Don wants to do is play video games at the local arcade. Don's father, however, refuses to let him play. Egged on by his friends and trying to impress a girl, Don sneaks out to join an all-night game-a-thon. Defying the odds (and on his first quarter ever!), Don beats Crucible, a game long considered unbeatable. In an instant, his world is turned upside down when his victory triggers an alien invasion and sucks him into an intergalactic battle that has been raging for years...a battle his father was desperately trying to protect him from.” 

DO NOT miss your chance, because we are only giving away 1000 bundles. Stay Safe. Stay Strong. And happy reading!

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